Client Magazine •
Client Magazine is a British independent menswear magazine, founded in 2010 by Ian Cole and printed quarterly in mono in luxury softback & hardback editions. There is a definitive classic feel to Client whilst embracing all that is here and now. Essentially Client is a contemporary photography magazine and the genre is men's fashion. We are very keen to champion British design talent, but we are not limited by it.
Whilst not trying to take things too seriously, we use a fashion dialogue to explore youth and masculinity. To Client, originality is a must and we are crazy about featuring true talent. At the core, we’re not a glossy, but neither are we an anti-glossy. It’s true to say we're not very conventional and as such, we tend to lead, not follow. We favour honest and authentic photography as opposed to over-the-top retouched images. We like to keep it real.
Every issue is hand-crafted, working with a global community of creatives, photographers, stylists and male models. As you can see from the covers and editorials, we work with some of the best, but we also have a keen eye for emerging talent and often feature a number of models before anybody else – casting plays a pivotal role in the production of the magazine.