Beauty Rebel • The Beauty Journal
Beauty Rebel is an annual beauty journal in print and digital formats.
As the title suggests, Beauty Rebel is all about beauty – but not beauty as we have come to know it. We will be rebelling against the idea of the ‘beauty image’ and championing the essence of REAL beauty, as opposed to the much dependent ‘Photoshop’ beauty. We believe in the beauty of a great face, great hair and great makeup. Amongst the beauty and fashion, expect some old school glamour and trash plus some damn fine authentic photography.
Unlike conventional beauty magazines, Beauty Rebel will benefit from a visual art-mag aesthetic, attractive to our fashion and design conscious readers. Whilst we will feature everything from the latest lipstick to the most expensive heels, the magazine will also cover wearable collections in womenswear, from the high-street to top-end designers. Online we will share with you the best fashion and beauty products and where to get them.
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