HYPEBEAST: Why Fashion Needs Print

This weekend i read a great article on HYPEBEAST, written by Eugene Kan, titled ‘Why Fashion Needs Print’.  It was a very well written piece and it’s great to see somebody speaking out about print in such a personal way – the touch, smell and feel of a printed magazine/newspaper, is vital to the visuals and to artists that create on it.

Without doubt the future is digital, but print will never die.  The majority of readers will now be online, but there will always be a market for print. The decline of print sales is certainly alarming, but i believe that is down to the way we publish. A lot has changed in the past ten years, so printing a tonne-weight of magazines, handing them over to a distributor for global release is just bad business. For one, it’s bad for the environment and for the purse – the print/paper/storage/fuel concerns, then what happens to the magazines that don’t sell? They either end up in the bin, or somebody foots the bill to ship them back to the publisher to end up on a market stall six months later.

I believe the key is to print less, but definitely print and if demand increases, print more. Continue to invest in digital but do not neglect print, as they go hand in hand. I don’t believe for a minute that in the future, people won’t want to sit in a coffee shop and flick through the pages of their favourite fashion magazine.

Either way, it’s great to see HYPEBEAST supporting print in this way and i look forward to reading their newspaper.